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53 min. USA Poland, English version, 2018

Thanks to the dedication of the defenders of Warsaw, filmed by Julien Bryan, the world learned about Hitler's new type of war, against the civilian population. Bryan alone won his private war with the German propaganda machine, warning the West and saving the democracy in Europe.

Siege Of Warsaw trailer -


50 min. USA Poland, English version, 2018

The Warsaw Uprising, one of the greatest epics in human history, the largest military operation undertaken by the civil resistance in Europe during World War II. A compound of glory and despair, unparalleled individual gallantry, an important contribution to the freedom of Europe.

Fighting for honor trailer -


50 min. USA Poland, English and Polish version, 2018

The genesis of the bird of the United States, myths and mysteries, shows the important role of Poles in the birth od the New World, their contribution at Jamestown higlight the settlement as the „Birthplace of America” a symbol of the era's emerging global world.

True heroes od Jamestown trailer -


50 min.  USA, English and Polish version, 2018

An enduring pioneer spirit and proud people with heart.
The oldest rodeo in the country; a metaphor which reflects town's and ups and downs. The history of the Wild West, old American values, still relevant today. Imagine a town of 2234, which has a movie theatre playing movies daily. Utopia?

Rodeo Town trailer -


50 min.  Italy,
English, Italian and Polish version, 2017

The film in a simple and moving way tells the story of salvation, casting light on a complex implications of the philosophical and theological nature hidden in fascinating paintings by Giotto: an itinerary of beauty along which we are guided by the sensitive, touching direction of Eugene Starky.

Giotto trailer -

HERKUS MONTE (adventure)

Like Spartans with thousand slaves against the Roman Empire, Herkus Monte leader of the Prussian defenders against the greatest military powers of the Middle Age, and powerful Teutonic Knits was fighting until the end for freedom of his brave and proud, now forgotten nation.

Herkus Monte trailer -


Exploration means to cross the border of the known, to go beyond the limits. It also means to describe in a new way human behavior as it faces the most extreme challenges in exceedingly harsh conditions on the world’s highest mountains... in the winter.

The Strenght Of Dreams trailer -