Honor of The City

this film seeks to familiaze western audiences with the Warsaw Rising, the greatest military operation undertaken by any civil resistance movement during Warld War II.
54 minutes

see fragments 15 min

True Heroes of Jamestown

Contribution of the Poles to the survival of the first Brittish setlement in America, Jamestown, Virginia.
34 minutes

see fragments 7 min

Correspondent Bryan

How the courage and sacrifice of one man helped to conquer the powerful German propaganda machine. Unique document of the Siege of Warsaw in September 1939.
54 minutes

see framgments 8 min

Rodeo Town

"Portrait of a small Canadian Texas town, made with great sensitivity and style."
54 minutes

see fragments 9 min

Giotto - The Story of Salvation

"Immensity of Giottos frescos makes the story a central act in the human history."
54 minutes

see fragments 15 min

Heritage Trail of Polish Jews

Film highlits some historic places Jews used to live in Poland and shows the reviwal of Jewish culture in present Poland.
30 minutes

see fragments 10 min