Eugeniusz Eugene Starky – Director/Producer

Graduate of Alliance Française in Paris and graduate Cum Laude City University  of New York (Film Production). There he produced his first documentary film "Emigrant’s Suitcase," a film about the Solidarity-era emigrants to the US.

Across the ten years span (1987 - 1997) one of the foremost organizers of Polish cultural events in the United States and Canada: concerts, cabarets, opera and theater presentations in the most prestigious auditoriums, such as the Opera House in Montreal and San Francisco, Chicago Theater and Lincoln Center. These events gathered stellar reviews in the American and Canadian press: The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, etc. He organized over 250 various shows, festivals, boat excursions, as well as film screenings in USA and Canada.

In 1998 he was the official representative of Matonti Films at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then he has already produced twenty documentary films.

Among others, the film trilogy "From Archipelago Gulag to America," depicting the tragedy of Poles deported to Siberia; "Rodeo Town", a patriotic film about cowboys and artists living in Canadian, Texas; "Honor of the City", a film about the Warsaw Rising; "Heritage Trail of Polish Jews", "Correspondent Bryan", a film about the siege of Warsaw in September 1939 based on recently discovered, unique archival materials of Julien Bryan. The film had its premiere in the Grand Theatre  in Warsaw on September 1st, 2010. It carried the patronage of President of Poland, President of the European Parliament, and the United States Ambassador. Its new version: "American Correspondent" was recently completed. His most recent productions are: "Giotto – the Story of Salvation", a film abut the Italian Renaissance painter, "True Heroes of Jamestown" about the first British settlement in America.

Currently he is involved with the following projects: "The Kosciuszko Squadron Story", which will have both a documentary and feature film version, a docudrama: "Where are You Prusai?", "Hector Monte" a feature film about the XIII Century Prusian national hero, "To Be Free", a documentary film about the Warsaw and Paris Uprisings. In addition, he is writing a screenplay for a feature film about Eleanor Roosevelt.

About my films:

An almost twenty-year break in filmmaking during which I worked in dozens of occupations, gave me the necessary life experience to make my films truer to life.  My theory is simple; there must be always a third dimension - extra value.  I actively participate in every stage of film production, writing screenplays, filming and editing, paying close attention to details.  Archival materials are of great importance to me, especially those that are original, just discovered. Working on a documentary is a great adventure, the fruit of which must be satisfaction not only for the author, but first and foremost for the people and facts portrayed, as well as educating the public. My next step are feature films.


Our first team

Eugene Starky

Graduated Cum Laude from New York School of Film and ... decided not to makes films. Why? He does not know. Neither does he know why he was involved in thousands of professions. Until one day, a film bug bit him again. His plans are far beyond what we can admire today...

Tomasz BagiƄski

Born in the film capital of Poland, Lodz, ...went to study in Kijev and ended up in New York, where he works on TV comentaries, and at the night time edits "serious" movies. Tomek already deserves a prize for his patience and hard work

Maria Skalski

Travelled all around the world pursuing managerial career till she found true love in New York. Eternally fascinated with films, provides the expertise in marketing, promotion nad public relations.